Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Have the Roles Switched?

I've noticed a complete role reverse between the sexes. Men are wearing legging/jeggings! Men are getting French white tip manicures! Men want discuss their feelings every second of the day! Excuse me, but what happened here? Where was I when this meeting was held giving men the okay to take the role of a woman? Because, I would've surely objected to this!

There was a time when it would take a woman to practically beg and shed every tear she could conjure up to get a man to talk about his feelings. But, now we women are finding ourselves rolling our eyes and dreading becoming victims of an emotional roller coaster ride with our men controlling this rustic contraption!

Men have also become completely sensitive. They get offended by the slightest comments. They've become so sensitive you find yourself contemplating punching a man in the chest and screaming, "MAN UP!"

I remember when pictures surfaced of Lil' Wayne wearing tight leggings/jeggings. Then pictures hit the net of Kanye West wearing a kilt with what appeared to be extremely tight leather pants that could run on the border of jeggings as well. I may have felt inclined to give Kanye a pass IF he were in Britain. At least then he would appear to be paying homage. Now recently we were smacked in the face of pictures of Snoop showing off his French manicure with fresh white tips! Isn't this a bit much?

What happened to masculine men? Women are being forced to play the masculine role more than often. Is this the new direction of the world? Seems more like a crisis to me. There are some lines that should never be crossed. But, men have crossed that line and are RickRolling like its nobody's business!

I remember when guys used to say, "Hey, stay in your lane! Let me be the man!" Hell, we hardly hear that now. What woman who's interested in a manly man wants some jeggings wearing, French white tip manicured, emotional "man" on her arm? So, I say grab your Cojones guys, spit, and scratch like a man and keep it moving! Every fad should not be followed. The world needs testosterone. It's okay to open up but my goodness, leave the drama to the ladies. We do it best! That's how we were built, NOT YOU MEN!

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