Thursday, December 20, 2012

Over The Top

"You asked to speak with a manager ma'am?"

"Yes, you all have these items placed on the shelf at a much lower price than what they're ringing up as," the distraught woman explained.

"Ma'am, it's a mistake. The best I could do is take twenty dollars off the total cost for you."

"No! I want it for the price you have displayed on the shelf. If you cannot honor the price you have displayed these items to be I'd like the eight hundred number for customer complaints. I've taken a picture of the items on the shelf with the price you have marked. So, what do you want to do sir?"

"Okay lady, keep your voice down. I'll honor the price as it's marked."

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We all have one or two friends who are consistent at being over the top even over the smallest situations. My dear friend is guilty of this. What can I say? She stands up for her rights in every way possible and there is nothing wrong with that. However, it does create questions in my mind. Do we really get better outcomes by being nice and polite when we find ourselves conflicted? This question baffles me. I've noticed on more than one occasion how someone who is firm in their word has a better outcome than those who are hold their tongue to be as peaceful and polite as possible.

Times have greatly changed. Therefore, people have changed. Growing up I can recall how my elders were a bit more reserved when it came to discussing conflicts of interests. The two people who were at odds ends  both allowed one another to speak and they actually took the other person's point of view to heart in making their final decision. In the end the two people agreed on a resolution suited to appease both parties.

In the present day, it takes a push to even get close to a fair exchange. What happened to ethics, values, and just plain ole common courtesy? Do unto others as you would have them do unto you (Matthew 7:12). That should be the way of the world---The Law of the Lands. But, it's few far and between.

It's no wonder the world is in such disarray and conflict. How could things be reversed as they once were? Is that even possible? To be honest, in my heart of hearts I don't believe so because egos have inflated. People are only looking out for self. Conflicts are not handled peacefully. Just look at the news. But, I do believe that what is to be will be. Meaning, I could be wrong because there is a higher power and at that point..... So shall it be!

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