Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Blame Game

"Good morning handsome," Sheila greeted her on and off again fling.

"Oh, you're still here? I figured you were leaving when you got out of bed," he said scratching his chest and tugging on his boxers.

"I thought it'd be nice if I made you breakfast before I go."

"Well, since you're already cooking, I guess it has to be okay." He gulped the milk straight out of the carton.

"That's disgusting," she said rolling her eyes. "I'm almost finished and I'll be out of your hair in no time." Sheila sprinkled one of her longtime secret ingredients on Michael's scrambled eggs.

"Great, so when you're ready to go let me know so I can lock the door behind you." Michael ordered as he sat at the dining room table waiting to be served like the King he felt he was. You see, this wasn't the first time Michael used Sheila's body and tossed her to the side directly after.

"Here you are," she said placing the piping hot breakfast on the table in front of a salivating Michael.

"Well, shouldn't you get dressed so you can go," he asked taking a bite of his food.

"That's what I was about to do. I just wanted to know if you needed anything else?" She hurried away.

"She may not be much of a looker but she can burn in a kitchen," he mumbled shoving large helpings of food as fast as he swallowed the last serving. Michael was more than halfway through his breakfast when he leaned over in pain holding his pudgy stomach screaming, "Sheila!"

"That was quicker than I'd anticipated." She smiled.

"Did you do this to me?"

"Michael, for three years I've let you treat me like I'm not worth nothing more than what's between my thighs. I don't get you men! I've done everything I can think of to show you I'm a good woman. But, did you ever think to make me your woman? No, all you've ever done was call me when you needed to unload." She ranted holding Michael down on the floor.

"Don't worry about fighting. This will all be over in a second."

"You won't get away with this! You can't be mad at me when you were more than happy to give yourself to me. You could've stopped at any time," he struggled to voice his final words.

"Oh, I disagree. I have before and I will this time." Sheila stood over Michael as he took his last breath just as Sheila said. He was nothing more than another name on her list of men she'd taken who she felt wronged her.

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Sheila and Michael's story mimic so many other men and women who blame others for their hurt and disappointments. Sheila willingly participated in a relationship solely based on sex but she blamed Michael for not wanting more. Why would a person continue on a roller coaster of emotions created from carnal thoughts, that birthed resentment so deep it would take a shovel and boots just to get through it? When would a person's self respect kick in to shield their precious heart from the many daggers a lot of people only seem to throw? How many nights will you allow your tears to soak your pillow before you stick your chest out, take a deep breath, and tell yourself yourself that you're good enough to have everything you want in a mate. Look in the mirror and whisper these words, I was created for a reason and I'm good enough to have the best and stop playing The Blame Game.

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  1. Great way to help a person realize they have a hand in their self destruction. Just as much as anyone else. Kudos to the writer!


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