Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Old Love is Gold Love

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Years ago sex with one special person was valued and placed on the highest pedestal. When a man found a woman who met every requirement he sought in a mate, he did whatever it took to please his mate. Men would protect their women and be motivated to provide for his household. Women treated their body like a temple. I met a couple who'd been married a little over fifty years. Of course, the first thing you think is, wow you really don't see love like this in the present time. Her husband was all too ready to tell the story how he and his wife met. You could see it in his eyes how much he loved his wife. As he told the story and we sat in anticipation of every unfolding moment to this long lasting love affair, he was so excited and smiling. He and his wife courted. They took the needed time to get to know one another. Both men and women didn't engage in sex as freely as individuals do in the present time. By the time the man ended his story I could actually see what he felt in his heart for his wife and my faith was restored in love. Old love is gold love. But, the question remains--could millennium love become golden love?


  1. This is truly inspirational. I can't wait until I find this kind of love.

  2. Good luck with finding love like that in the world we're living in right now. Guys SUCK!

  3. Old love is Gold love! New love STINKS


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