Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Mom!

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When I was about sixteen years old I became what you would call a "Drama Queen." If my brothers even looked in my direction I turned into the Blair Witch--FACE THE WALL! Everything became an overreaction on my behalf. Therefore leaving my mother to figure out an interesting way to calm me down. So, one day I arrived home from school and noticed a brand new computer in my bedroom. I wondered, "What did I do to deserve this wonderful gift!" Well, my mom quickly explained to me that it was not a reward but a punishment. She told me the computer was there because she expected me to write since I was such a Drama Queen. So, anytime I turned on the dramatics I had to turn around, go back into my room, and write a short story! She said, "As dramatic as you are around here, you should have quite the imagination when writing." If I refused to write that meant I would be punished and confined to my room! My television, new computer, anything that could be deemed as entertaining would be removed. So, of course I would write like it was nobody's business! After so being on punishment so many times (yes, I was that much of a drama queen--sorry mom) I realized writing was something I loved to do. I really started to take it serious. I would drown myself in books. My favorite were all of The Babysitter's Club Books and The Flowers in the Attic! Flowers in the Attic taught me about transitions, imagination, and how to relate my writing to real life events! I was fully charged and ready to roll up my sleeves and tackle my first book by the time I was eighteen! That book was later rewritten and published once I threw caution to the wind and submerged myself into the crazy literary world! Barnes & Noble's reference section became my stomping ground. I would go to every Writer's Conference I could travel to on my own. I attended workshops and later completed my college classes in Arts! My mother helped me to find my passion in writing and for that I will forever be indebted and grateful to her. She is and always will be my SHERO!

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  1. haha face the wall. that was classic. great mom


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