Friday, November 16, 2012

Letting Go of the Past

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Recently I was thrust into a world wind of old wounds from years ago but still hadn't healed. They were still open and raw! It was a roller coaster of emotions that spread through other family members like a domino effect. I was supposed to be the voice of reasoning but it seemed like they were in need of a priest at the least! I was not qualified to give them the guidance they were asking of me. When someone passes away without resolving issues with their loved ones everyone else is left to carry the weight of the unanswered questions. At what point should those people say enough is enough and now it's time to let go and move on? What good will holding on to hurt, pain, and disappointments do for someone who still has a lot of life to live? You can't fully enjoy life or give someone else all the love you are capable of giving holding on to pain from your past. Especially if that pain involves you questioning if the deceased person ever really loved you. At that point you should seek professional care to learn how to come at peace within yourself. Times have changed and people no longer feel speaking to a psychiatrist is taboo and shameful. Only you will personally know when it is time let go of the past! Because your heart will tell you...

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  1. That's a tough situation to be thrown in the middle of. I've never experienced it and I can't say I would know what to do if I had.


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