Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Moment With Willa!

In my book, When a Tattered Past Catches you, Willa is the tough, spit-fire main character. Yes, she is a fictional character but she still has a lot to say. If she could really interview, this is how it would go. So, buckle up, because today we are speaking with the lovely Willa!

Author Tasha Wright
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Author: First, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to speak with me. I know how busy life can be, especially now that you have your little bundle of joy.

Willa: I'm happy to be here and yes, life gets pretty hectic with my little one.

Author: How is the rooted family life working out for you? I remembered you expressed how you didn't wan to become a "House Mouse." Does it feel that way?

Willa: No, I don't feel like a House Mouse. Damon is quite the character. So, there usually isn't a dull moment for me between him and the baby.

Author: That's really great! I was afraid you were going to pass that good man up and I'd have to swoop in on him!

Willa: Hey, if you think you could get him props to you. But, just so you and all your readers know--I will always have his heart.

Author: I am so not going to touch that one! I know you of all people don't have the patience for verbal battles. Do you ever talk to Ken now that you're a wife and mother?

Willa: Why would I talk to him? When I left that life I left everyone.

Author: But, I thought you said he was like a brother to you? You spoke about how much he helped you and took you under his wing. What happened to that love?

Willa: I still love Ken but I have a husband and daughter to give my undivided attention to in every way. Ken is a reminder of my past and I don't need to be associated with that life anymore.

Author: Well, I see you meant everything you said about disassociating yourself from the street life.

Willa: Did you think it was a joke? That was my life. As deep and dark as it was, that was my life.

Author: I commend you for making this total transition into the woman you are today. It's a complete 360. How is your sister dealing with the tragedy of losing her husband and son?

Willa: Donya is a very strong woman. She pretty much stays to herself. I try to call her as much as I can but it's like she has to keep herself busy. Maybe to keep her mind off the pain she feels.

Author: That was very hard to comprehend. She was so worried about losing you to the street life but it didn't turn out that way. Are you into any new business ventures at the moment?

Willa: Well, after buying my two homes I realized I had an eye for real estate. That's what I do. Here's my card if your looking for property. I could help you out with that. I actually have some pretty amazing homes recently built from the creative eye of my husband. I knew if I invested my money in him we would be okay!

Author: Wow, so you two are like a power couple! That's pretty Amazing. I would love to see some of his work.

Willa: I could arrange that.

Author: Before I let you go, are the nosey neighbors who invited themselves to your house still coming around?

Willa: I guess I was too weird for them. (Willa chuckled) last year they sold their house and made a run for it. I can't say that I blame them because they would've pulled the old Willa out of me for sure.

Author: Oh, that would not be pretty! Thank goodness they made the decision to move! Well, we all thank you for taking time out of your busy day to speak with us. I hope to hear from you soon to see some of your husband's architectural designs. You take care of yourself Willa.

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  1. wow, i love willa. you're so creative and i do think this is how willa would talk if she were to be interviewed lol


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