Thursday, November 29, 2012

I Do, Maybe!?

"Darnell, why are you playing around with setting a date?"

"I'm not playing around. I think we need to take our time. What's the rush?"

"Well, why should we wait? We've been dating for over four years," Kelly replied.

"I know how long we've been dating Kelly. But, I'm still not convinced we should get married right now."

Kelly fiddled with her 14-Karate diamond engagement ring. "If you feel that way, why did you propose to me?"

"I thought I was losing you and I didn't want that. But, I never imagined in a million years you would move so fast with this wedding stuff."

"Oh my God, I feel like a fool. I never meant to pressure you. I thought we wanted the same thing." Kelly took the ring off and placed it in Darnell's hand.

"Wait, no Kelly, I don't want us to break up or call anything off. I only asked you to slow down with the wedding and marriage plans."

"Darnell, I love you but I can't be with you knowing you don't want anything more than what we have. I want more," Kelly walked away to gather her things and leave Darnell to his thoughts and to end this messy chapter of her life.

He held the ring that once shined so bright to now only look like a ring of metal. "This is not what I wanted," he mumbled heartbroken and foolish.


Relationships seem to be the hardest thing to maintain--outside of parenting of course. You have two people who feel and rationalize things total opposite of one another. Kelly thought Darnell was ready to move forward, and rightfully so. However, instead of voicing his initial fears he decided to sell her a dream to only later be cornered into the truth. Changing what used to be their relationship from bad to worse. Darnell created an illusion of commitment in fear of the consequences of what his truth would bring. Bravo to Kelly for knowing what she desired and walking away when she learned it would never be. You never know how someone could handle the truth if you never give them the chance.

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