Saturday, November 10, 2012

Did I Just Say That?

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Have you ever been on that first date with someone you were really into and became too comfortable with what you were saying? What about hanging with a group of people. Some you've known for a while--sprinkled with a few new faces here and there, and you say something that makes you wish you could turn into the invisible girl on the movie "X-Men?" What do you do in that situation? Now people are looking at you like you're insane as if you are not all there mentally. The look on your date's face tells you if there is a second date he must be as crazy as you appear to be which would give you pause to accept another outing with him. The group of unfamiliar faces shy away from you with looks of pity on their faces for the crazy girl who really just said that. Maybe you are an eccentric individual and it would take people to really get to know who you are to  understand why you say the things you say. Don't be afraid to be yourself. Take your hands away from your face. Don't close your eyes and pray you're invisible. Step out of the cookie cutter mold and show people you are okay with your cuckoo side. The sooner we realize no two people should be alike the sooner we will take the time to get to know one another and appreciate each other for who we are. The awkward girl you went to school with is now a model adored by many and envied by all. The goofy big eared boy you didn't want people to see you talking to at school is now a big time financier who's adorned by every woman who crosses his path. These are the people who are looked over and counted out before they have the chance to join the race. Don't be quick to judge but be open to saying hello to someone to really know their story. Jump out and be yourself and who cares if you get a few side-eye glances when you pass strangers. Laugh, toss your hair, and give them a little dance as you go your merry way because YOU LOVE BEING YOU no matter what. Once we get to that point as a people we will cease from saying, "Did I just Say That?"


  1. individuality! nothing like it!

  2. I love being me. Only I can do me the best


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