Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What's the Rush!?

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When I was younger I remember feeling and saying, "I can't wait until I'm old enough to move out on my own!" I had my life planned out. Down to my attire and the fun I'd have. However, I did NOT partake in any "grown up" actions. I didn't drink, have sex, or even sneak out. When it came down to it, the values my mother instilled in me overruled anything I may have wanted to do or thought about. My heart melts as I see the direction the current generation of kids are going. Not only are they in a hurry to grow up but they are given the lead way to make certain choices that would have gotten us grounded until we were well over 35! For instance, this Plan B pill the NYC schools are preparing to make available to the high school students. They've made it so convenient to the kids their parent's permission is not warranted. Years ago people made a big ruckus about condoms in the school in sex education classes but if you really take the time and see everything with wide eyes, HIV/AIDS and other STDs were not as widely spread as they are now with adolescent teens! I fear they will be so comfortable having sex knowing they have the Plan B pill to possibly eliminate the possibility of pregnancy it will take the needed focus away from safe sex! What will their dreams and ambition become when it's too late? Why rush into adult life when you have so much ahead of you?

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  1. young women don't have anyone to really look up to. most women are strippers and escorts. so, in return the young generation can only go with what they know. it's a sad truth.


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