Wednesday, August 1, 2012

When All You Hear is No!

When you are on the tedious journey towards your dreams, you may often hear the word NO more than you'd like. This word is enough to shake the core of the strongest person. Many times it leads a person to doubt their abilities. You may question your path but you should never abandon it. Never give up! Never quit! The path to greatness is not easy. But, anything worth having in life has never been easy to attain. So, when you hear the word NO, allow it to motivate you and push you even harder. Allow it to spark an interest in you so deeply that even you wonder where all your determination and resilience came from. Do this because in order to get to YES, you must hear NO. In order to appreciate YES, you must first understand NO. Major goals are in line of dreams and no dream has ever been easy to manifest. When all you hear is no, you've found yourself on the right path!

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  1. I know I'm going down the list of posts but you're right, with every NO there will be at least one yes if you are true in what you do. Hard work and dedication soars over sloth and handouts!


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