Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Will Those Old Feelings Ever go Away

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When you love someone as deeply as you could love another person and somehow it ends. Will those feelings ever go away? You once saw this person as the only man/woman you would ever need in your life. You know, after God. When you feel this way about someone, how does that type of love ever truly go away? Yes, you learn to live with the fact your love affair is over but there is no way to accept it. How many notches do you have in your belt of love lost? How serious were those loves? One nagging thing remains. You would give the world to this person if you could. What did the word "no" really mean when it came to that person? Now that it's over, how do you live with that? Time heals all wounds but to live like those wounds never existed is the tricky part. A simple song regurgitates thoughts. Places bring back memories. Thoughts creep into your wondering mind and those thoughts will either bring tears or a smile. You never know what emotion will come but you know an emotion is sure to arise. Living life can sometimes get messy but it wouldn't be living if it never got messy!

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