Saturday, June 23, 2012

Never Knew you at all

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Everyone has encountered that one person they fell head over heels with a time or two in their adult dating life. But, in the end you were left standing alone saying, I thought I knew you. But, I guess I never knew you at all. If you have never said these words about someone you once loved and thought he/she loved you in return, thank your lucky stars and God above because it's a very empty feeling. You give and give until you can't give anymore but they want more and more of what you no longer have inside you. Then what was once adoration for you turns to nothing more than detestation. Your connection breaks like a rusted rotten chain. There is nothing you can do to repair a link once it's broken. It will never be the same. However, after time has had a chance to allow that person to think and experience what they thought they were missing in other people, they learn, you were the one the entire time. Now, they want to interrupt your life after you found the courage to move on. When you're approached with this kind of invitation of someone who's grown on you versus someone new whom you're not sure what you could get. You're then left with millions of question marks, thinking maybe this could work again. Therefore, taking a chance on what you think is "love" to try again. Going against everything you said you never wanted to do. Sure, you're pleasing your heart but your mind is always clouded with logical thoughts of unhappiness. No one wants to be "that person" who feels the need to say, I HAVE A MAN/WOMAN and be totally unhappy. At least, I've never met anyone like that in my lifetime. How could you once profess your love to someone to later hardly tolerate that person?



  1. OMG, this topic is the main cause of all my heartache and pain right now. I loved my ex more than I loved anyone. He wanted me to accept everything abut him but he bailed as soon as he didn't like something about me. That hurt me to my core. Rocked my world. But, I'm making it

  2. That should tell you that wasn't real love on his end. I can't say that for sure but if it was, he wouldn't have left you the way he did. You shouldn't be left alone to pick up the pieces of a broken heart because there was something he didn't like about you. I'm happy to see you're at peace with it all and guard that heart of yours going forward. Thank you for reading my blog. Tell your friends!


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