Thursday, June 21, 2012

How Far Would you go

Bridge to Love
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If you were in the perfect position to get where you desire to be in life, what lengths would you be willing to go? You have your, honesty is the best policy people. You have your by any means necessary people. In this day and age does honesty and loyalty still exist? I personally see a blend of both. Honesty and down right cut throat tactics. You may believe the people who are cut tend to move faster and further but in the end it seems they always pay for their methods used! In order to keep moving you need bridges. How do you expect to move with no bridges? It makes you wonder. If a plan doesn't pan out, maybe you will look for the advice or help of someone but....wait, you burnt that bridge on your last venture onward and upward. Now, you find yourself on spiraling downfall into darkness and despair. Your looking around for help, any help! But, there is no one in sight! They're all still wounded from the last knife you stuck in their back! Be mindful of your journey. Have morals and set standards!


  1. I feel the people who do underhanded stuff move up faster. I was entertaining this thinking of being the same way but I'm afraid of the damage I could do. Too bad I care so much!

  2. I think you should really think about it before you try any underhanded tactics because in the end those things will always catch up with you. Once you burn a bridge, that's it. There is no going back and it would take too much time and work to rebuild what the damage caused. Good luck in your endeavors.


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