Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dream Killers

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It seems everyone has crossed paths with a Dream Killer. A dream killer is someone who was too afraid to go out and make their dreams come true. So, now they find pleasure in making everyone else doubt their abilities to make their dreams become reality. This could be a person in your family. Someone who poses as a friend. They smile and nod but will make negative comments in hopes to discourage you. This would be the time in your life to decide who to cut from your life. If people are not in your life to benefit you and support you in all that you desire. Then you must ask yourself, WHAT IS THIS PERSON'S TRUE INTENTIONS. They're true intentions will show in the way they speak and react to all good things that come your way. Please, don't allow the shortcomings of another person knock you off your journey. I wish you all well in all that you do. Continue to move forward and work harder than you ever have in order to show them what you can do.


  1. I have come across many dream killers! They are the worst

  2. Yes, they are the worst. There is nothing more disposable than someone who is bitter with their own broken path trying to stop your movement. Don't ever give "them" the pleasure of stopping your journey.

  3. I have a confession, I've been a dream killer myself. I really really hate to admit this. But, I have always been too afraid to do what I want to do in life so I do say little things in hopes other people around me wont outdo me. Sad but true


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