Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Interview with Diane Griffin

Diane Griffin is the founder and President of Security First & Associates. Ms. Griffin works with a variety of clients throughout the Security Industry. She also worked in a wide array of fields to include training, facilitation, communications, human resources and industrial security management and Ms. Griffin is the current Chapter Chair for National Classification Management Society (NCMS), Chapter 26.

According to Ms. Griffin, Social Media is the way to communicate with teenagers today. Parents have a lot to learn when it comes to  the behaviors of their children online.   To help parents and teachers understand today's teenager, Diane Griffin has written several books on the topic of Social Media and your teens.  She also has a helpful blog that gives good advice about the subject and valuable resources for parents
and teens on the subject of internet and phone safety on her site  Take advantage of a security expert to help you manage this important process in your child's life.

Hello, Ms. Griffin it is truly my pleasure to speak with you today. Could you give us a summary of the message or information you write about? 

Protect your teens while driving & texting, and protect them while they are on social media sites. We as parents need to stay armed and knowledgeable how to protect our teens.

That's wonderful. Your knowledge and experience is truly needed and helpful for all parents. How do you research the things you write about in order to be knowledgeable and informative?  

I own a security company and have many years of experience and expertise with insecurity issues.  I use the Internet and tap into my own experience to collect content for my blog posts on and my books

I understand you collaborate with another writer. How do the two of you manage your time in order to finish your project within a reasonable time frame?   

 I do not have a collaborator.  I think you are referring to Janis of  She developed the educational project that goes with Safe Text: Protecting Your Teens from the Dangers of Texting and helps to spread the word about my books so I have time to write.

      Oh, my apologies. However, that does clear up any confusion of collaborations. How should your readers connect with you?  

      They can comment on this interview and I will respond to the comments, they can send me a message on my Facebook Author Page:  http: // (They can like the page and then click on the Welcome tab to sign up on my mailing list to connect with me.).  They can email me directly at  They can also comment on my blog posts at  Also very soon I will be starting a group on Linkedin where parents can come together for new ideas and information about digital safety.

 Do you offer any exciting prizes or books to your readers? If so, please explain.   

Yes, I have a wonderful contest.  I am giving away a Kindle Fire and 2 $50.00 Amazon gift certificates . They can enter the contest on my Facebook Welcome page, on my website, and on the prize form included with this Interview.

Wow, now that's a great gift for the lucky winner. You all should jump on that. Those Kindle Fires are a hot ticket right now! What is your ultimate goal in the literary industry?  

I would like to be recognized as an expert in digital and Internet safety through my books. I am already recognized as an expert in the security venue.

A woman of vast knowledge. That's wonderful. You should be very proud. Where do you see yourself in five years?    

Hopefully having a #1 best seller!

With your drive, knowledge, and enthusiasm. I'm more than sure that day will come sooner than you know! Could you offer any advice to other aspiring writers on how to stay relevant in this ever changing literary world? 

Work hard, learn your craft and stay true to your beliefs.  Do not give up even though being recognized as an author is very hard work.

 Are you working on any new material that you could tell us about at this time?   

I have three books being launched at once: Safe Text: Protecting Your Teens from the Dangers of Texting. Protecting Your Teens on Facebook, and Social Media Secrets Every Parent of College Bound Teens Must Know. I am concentrating on reaching as many people as I can with valuable information on protecting teens in the digital age.  My books also give tips on how to use the Internet in a positive way to help teens as well.  I hope to bring parents together on my Facebook page, website and LinkedIn group.  All of the above will be my focus at this time.

Do you have last words or people you would like to thank at this time? 

Yes, I would like to thank all the wonderful people who have been following me and commenting on my book tour, entering my give-away, and commenting on my blog posts and on my Facebook page.  It is wonderful to know that there are people who believe in what I am doing for parents and their teens.  Thank you for taking time to host this interview.  I really enjoyed answering your questions.  My contest is has been extended until June 1, because of additional stops being added to my virtual book tour.  Your readers can find the schedule on

Did you see that guys? Ms. Griffin's contest has been extended until June 1, 2012! I really would encourage you all to support her work because this is something that could save many lives. We thank you for taking the time to speak with us today. I have really enjoyed interviewing you and I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. Please click the links provided throughout this interview to learn more about Ms. Diane Griffin or to purchase any of her products to protect your family.

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