Sunday, April 29, 2012

Where The Heck did I go Wrong
Is change a bad thing? In life change is a must. How can you move forward with no change? Some change for the good and some for the bad. However, in a relationship, why do the red flags wave like banners flapping in the wind at the smallest sign of change?
She bought new underwear...Oh no, she's cheating.
He's wearing new cologne...Oh no he's trying to impress another woman
These are but a mere piece of the big chunk of insecurities we face daily in a relationship. Is it healthy for us to be with someone who we feel inferior to? Why am I with someone who I feel I could never make happy? Here's the kicker, if you have a table with square pings...HOW ARE THE CIRCLES SUPPOSED TO FIT? If it was not made to be together, it will never be. Why force something that does not work. That will only hurt you in the long run. Yes, you may have a good run but where is it going....Have you ever been here before? Picking up the pieces and wondering, WHERE THE HECK DID I GO WRONG?


  1. To be honest change is really scary to me. You always go into it with the best intentions but sometimes all you ever get is grief and another notch in your belt! This was on point! Trying to force something that doesn't work always in the end leave you alone and pitiful. Thanks for sharing

  2. Alone and pitiful are great words of choice! It's never good to force anything. Glad you came to that realization to love yourself more.

  3. My friend told me about your Blog. If you're going to have real topics like this and actually answer then I sure will enjoy this! I think every woman has dealt with this at least once in her dating life. Seems more like a game now than anything else. Men like to say they are simple but they are literally SIMPLE. AS in simple minded!

  4. My boyfriend is very insecure. Its sad that I make excuses for him. I'm hanging on hoping he will change. I'm being the woman he wants but not being the woman I am. I'm pretty lost right now.


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