Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Quality of Television Shows Today

Author Tasha Wright
I've been noticing the quality of television shows plummeting for the past decade. For instance, Tyler Perry's show House of Payne. Whenever there is a new show it usually is worth watching. However, those shows are near and far. They are not consistent. It makes me wonder, what's really going on? I know he hires writers to handle his weekly television shows but how does that explain why the new shows only appear maybe every three months? Everything else is being invaded with reality TV shows. I for one am getting really tired of watching Reality TV. What happened to shows like, Girlfriends, The Jeffersons, Golden Girls, Designing Women, and so on? (What TV shows did you love but don't see anymore) Something with a good storyline each week. Each of these shows touched on things that were going on in the world. You could relate to these shows. Now, all we have is a lot of crap like Basketball wives and Bad Girls Club. You have a group of women on Basketball Wives who have the ability to merge into many different things in life but yet they would rather fight each other about stupid things like high school girls. Then you have a group of women on Bad Girls Club dumped into a Mansion with other girls who claim to be the baddest Chick. Then they have a reunion show at the end of the season to see how the house changed them? REALLY? How do you think it changed them? It's not like you put a psychologist in the house to do dig into their head to see what really makes them do and say the things they do. It's not like you do group therapy to try to diffuse some of the drama. Maybe all the new writers, myself included should build our writing resume with the ultimate goal to change the quality of today's Television shows. That would be a great start and something to think about pursuing!


  1. I agree. The quality of television shows are extinct! I wish you the best of luck if you decide to merge into that. You should really do it! Are you going to do it?

  2. OMG I totally agree! I feel like a fool every time I pay my cable bill! I'm really thinking of just going without! Go for it! Every little bit helps!

  3. I really am trying to build my writing resume to get into it. I think it would really be worth it and really exciting. Thank you for the best wishes.


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