Sunday, January 1, 2012

That's Life: Week Four Finale

Denise smiled walking to her mom's car after school. "I can't wait for you to see Bridgette's house. She has it all mom."

Pamela pulled away from the school to journey across town. "Honey, one thing you need to not do I'm life is worship the material things of other people. You don't know what that person had to go through to get what they have. I really want you to think about this decision about college."

"I have thought about it."

"I assume you haven't talked to Bridgette about this no college drama."

"I haven't talked to anyone because this is something I want to do." she directed Pamela to make a right through a large community of mansions.

"Wow, this is really something out here. I still think I should have brought a bottle of wine or something."

"Mom, Bridgette said we didn't need to bring anything. You're fine, stop worrying about it."

"It's just common courtesy." Pamela parked the car.

"Thank you guys for coming." Bridgette ran outside.

"On no, thank you for having us. It's really nice out here."

"Thank you Pamela. I want you to meet my family." She walked into the house.

"Hold on, is your name Saul," Pamela asked.

"Pamela, is that you?"

"Yes it's me. I'm surprised you recognize me. The last you saw me I was two years old."

"Wait a minute, what's going on mom?" Denise grabbed Pamela's hand.

"This is your mother's father and your grandfather Denise." Bridgette explained.

"So, you're my aunt? Why didn't you tell me?"

"I found out a week after you started working for me. Dad, explained everything to me. Pamela, are you okay."

"How dare you lure me here under false pretenses. This man abandoned me and my mom. He left us for you and your mom. For years I just couldn't understand why he would do something like this to us."

Saul shuffled over to Pamela. "I never wanted to leave you or your mother. I got into some bad trouble and I went to jail honey. When I came back home your mother moved away and I couldn't find here anymore. God knows how hard I tried. When I talked to Bridgette after she met you, I just knew it was you. I have been on pins and needles waiting for you to get here today. You were my baby. Please believe me."

Pamela threw here hands up. "Bridgette, it looks like he provided you with so many opportunities I never had. Look what you've made of yourself. I didn't have this type of lifestyle growing up and I still don't," Pamela cried.

"Hold on one minute. Don't go assuming I got all of this because of dad. I worked very hard to start my program and it took years before I saw a profit. To be honest I would have cared if I never saw a profit as long as I could kids off the street and see them thrive. The rest of my money from my husband's death. He was murdered last year. He never got to hold our daughter. So, why don't you calm down and please talk to us. I would love to be a sister to you. I'm not your enemy."

Pamela nodded. "You're right. I just can't believe this. I've lived so long with no family in my life."

Saul sat next to Pamela. "If you could find in your heart to forgive me, I'd love to be in your life now and going forward."

"Well, I don't know about mom but I'd love to connect as a family. I think this cool."

"You think youre not going to college is cool. Your judgment is way off." She whipped her tears.

"Are you serious. What is this about you not going to college."

"I just figured if you didn't go to college and you have accomplished all you have it would be a waste of time for me to go. I just want to move past school once I graduate from high school."

"Listen up young lady. Nothing in this life comes easy. I will not be a part of this bright idea you have about not going to school when you have an opportunity that other people would kill for. I have to be honest. There was never a scholarship program. I just said that so you would accept me paying for your education. I truly feel you have the smarts to become something none of us have ever had the chance to be."

"What is that," Denise asked smiling.
"A doctor and if you would like to pursue anything beyond your wildest dreams. What would that be."

"I have always wanted to be a lawyer and then a judge."

"That's a girl and I think you could do it. So, how about it?"

"Oh my goodness, thank you so much," Pamela cried hugging her daughter.

"Mom, please. You're embarrassing me. I'm starving. Could we eat because all this emotional stuff has my stomach touching my back."

"That's up to your mom. Do you want to stay," Saul asked.

"Hey, you guys go ahead. I'd like to talk to Pamela alone for a moment," Bridgette said.

"What is it?"

"Dad had always told me I had a sister and for as long as I remember I would dream of this day. I already planned what I would say to you and what I would do. But, as you can see there is no way to plan or rehearse this moment. Denise told me about your house. I would like to offer you my help as a sister. As a family. Would that be okay?"

Pamela cried. "I don't know what to say. I mean you barely know me."

"None of that matters. You are my family. You're the sister I've waited for all my life and I want to do this for you. After all the you have lost its dad, I owe you that much. Please, don't let your pride into this and accept my help."

"This is hard for me but I will. Thank you so very much. I will forever be in your debt."

"No honey, that's life and that's what family is for. Now let's grub!"

Denise ran into the room. "Bridgette, Saul just collapsed. I don't what happened. He just passed out."

"Oh, my goodness, dad," she yelled running towards the dining room.

"Back up," Pamela said pushing everyone out of the way. She checked her father's breathing. With no response Pamela began CPR.

"What's going on," Bridgette asked.
"Mom has been in nursing school for a while. She just has to pass her basic class soon. She knows what she's doing."

"Hey, stop all the dang talking and call an ambulance geniuses," she yelled as she pushed on her father.

"Oh, my God. I wasn't thinking," Bridgette ran to the nearest phone.

"Mom, is there anything I can do," Denise asked.

"Yes, go outside and make sure the ambulance finds the house. Now, go," she leaned in to give her father more air.

"The ambulance is on its way. I'm still on the phone with them," Bridgette said.

"Good, keep them on the line so you will have the real ETA of how long the ambulance will be." Pamela continued CPR.

Bridgette spoke to the dispatcher, "Yes, my sister is giving him CPR. I'd say she's been doing that for about five minutes now."

"Bridgette, they need to hurry. Every second he's not breathing he could have brain damage or more." She leaned in to continue breathing.

Denise ran into the house with a group of emergency technicians. "He's over there," she said pointing.

"Thank God you guys finally came. I'm running out of air." Pamela held her chest.

"How long have you been giving the gentleman CPR," a technician asked.

"It's been about seven to eight minutes I believe."

"Wow, was it immediate CPR," he asked.

"Yes, as soon as he fainted I checked his airway passage and checked for a response. When I realized he wasn't responding I went straight into CPR."

"You may have saved his life." They put the oxygen machine in place and hurried out the house to the hospital.

"Wait, I'm going with you all. That's my dad," Bridgette said running.

"We'll meet you there."

"Okay, could you run upstairs and tell the nanny Denise and Pamela, take one of my cars." she disappeared in the ambulance.


Pamela ran to window where the receptionist was sitting. "Hi, my father Saul Gomez just arrived. We need to get back there with him."

"Give me a moment to check ma'am." The receptionist stood.

Bridgette opened the door. "I heard you talking. Dad didn't make it," she cried.

"What do you mean he didn't make it. I did the CPR and everything," Pamela replied.

"You're the reason he was alive on the ride to the hospital but once we got him here. He had another stroke but this time he didn't make it Pamela. I can't believe this. My dad is gone," she cried into her hands.

Pamela pulled her sobbing sister into her. "Everything is going to be okay. Denise and I will be here for you."

This is all too familiar to me. I lost my husband and thats how I became so financially independent. From that money I started my own business. This time, I want that to be you. Our dad was very smart with investments and I want you have it all.

Pamela sat in the nearest chair and tried to control her breathing. No, I couldnt take that money. I wasnt in his life the way you were. I couldnt possibly take the money.

There is no way I am taking no for an answer. The property next door to my house actually belongs to Dad. Youre taking it all and thats that. Now, lets do this together getting Dads final arrangements in order.

What about you. Why are you being so selfless when you were the one taking care of him every day, Pamela asked.

Im very well off financially. Like I said its your turn Pamela. You deserve a break.

Wow, life is so crazy. Yesterday I didnt have family and today I found out I did only to lose my Dad as quick as I found him. But, thank God youre the woman you are because you dont know how much this is needed. Ive been in a very dark place not knowing what I was going to do. You are too much and I thank you for have such a loving heart.

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