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The Familiar Stranger Episode 1

Sheena was beat from a long day of work of reading boring contracts and blueprints all day. She knew the only remedy to cure her ailments was to pay a visit to her favorite bar. Sheena locked the door to her small office and headed for the elevator to a crowd of people who were just as worn out from their nine to five as she was.

“Sheena.” The man looked at his gold watch. “I’m surprised to see you walk out on time today.”

Sheena sighed. “Hey, Jack. Today was not a good day for me to stay any longer than need be. Are you guys going to happy hour?” she asked.

Jack laughed at her question. He was a married man with five children. “If you’re referring to a cold beer in front of my television with a never ending show of Sponge Bob then yes, happy hour here I come.” A crowd of people possibly in the same situation as Jack laughed at his painful confession.

“Jack, you are too much. Wow, I can’t wait on this elevator any longer. I’ll see you guys Monday morning. Have a great weekend. You know, everyone but Jack.” Sheena laughed and disappeared down the six flights of stairs.

Sheena had to hurry to get out of that building. She’d just been handed the worst client she’d ever dealt with in her seven years at the company. Sheena jumped in her car and threw her blazer in the backseat. She turned her music up so loud it would be sure to cause damage to her ear drums. But, Sheena didn’t care. She needed that to relax as she traveled through the heavy five o’ clock traffic. She swerved in and out of the four lane highway until she reached the crowded bar. Sheena stepped out of her car and pushed her way to the bar.

“Jaime,” she yelled over the crowd. “Jaime, could I have my usual?”

“Of course, honey. Long day?” she asked.

Sheena accepted her drink and moaned from the satisfactory of her Gin and tonic. “This was the longest day in history. I’ve never had such a fussy client before.”

“Girl, I’ve never seen you like this before.”

“Well, you have about four more weeks of seeing me like this,” Sheena laughed and turned to see who was tapping her shoulder.

“Could I help you?” she asked.

“My name is Waymond Ingram,” he said with his hand out to greet this exquisite woman. Waymond was in awe when he saw Sheena walk into the bar. He could tell she was worn from her day but she carried it well.

“Nice to meet you Waymond,” Sheena replied and turned toward the bar.

“Well,” he said. “Could I have your name?”

“Oh, sorry,” she laughed. “My name is Sheena Williamson.”

“Nice to meet you Sheena,” Waymond sat beside her. “I don’t mean to be forward but you are so damn beautiful. Your lips are exotic as hell.”

Sheena smiled. “You’re going to have to stop paying me so many compliments Waymond. I could get used to that.”

Waymond dug into his pockets for his wallet. He retrieved a small beige business card. “Why don’t you give me a call some time and I could give you all the compliments you need on a daily basis?”

Waymond was smooth. His looks were equal to his charm. He stood at a mere five feet seven but his body was stout and defined.

“Do you have a man in your life Ms. Williamson?”

She held her ring finger up and said. “No man,” she replied. “Men just bring unwanted problems.” She referred to her past relationships.

“Damn, Sheena. It sounds like you may be becoming one of those bitter ass women.” He sat his shot glass on top of the bar. “Or are you already bitter?” Waymond asked.

“Hell no I’m not bitter, just smart.”

“You’re smart, huh? If you’re so damn smart, why haven’t you took my card yet?”

“I don’t know if it would be wise for me to take your card Waymond.” Sheena took a sip of her second drink. “How often do you pick up women at bars?”

“I don’t pick up women.” He turned Sheena’s bar seat toward him. “They usually pick me up.”

“Damn, someone’s conceited.”

“Just confident,” Waymond replied. “Well, I need to get going.” He stood. “Use that number baby girl.”

Waymond walked out of the bar.

Jaime wiped the glass with her white cloth towel. “It looks like someone’s trying to get their hooks in you.”

“It feels like he already did. Did you hear how smooth he was? There’s something about that man I want to get to know.”

“You better watch yourself Sheena. Look deep before you leap.”

Sheena giggled and took the last sip of her drink. She peered at the card and contemplated what she would do about this dashing gentleman. “I’m looking but you’re talking to a woman who’s been out of the dating game for a while now. I’m in need of this.”

Jaime laughed. “Girl, be careful.”

There was no use in telling Sheena anything once she had her mind set. Waymond said all the things she needed to hear. She gathered her small teal clutch and placed it under her arm. “I’m about to enjoy this ride.” Sheena walked out of the bar. When she arrived to her car she noticed someone left a note on her windshield. She smiled after she read the many compliments and continued her journey home. Sheena reached for her purse to grab her ringing phone.

“Hello,” she answered.

“Where the hell are you,” her sister Yvette screamed into the phone.

“Damn, I forgot I was supposed to meet you after work.”

“Sheena, how could you forget?” she chastised her sister. “You’re my maid of honor. This is the last day. We need to go over the details one last time.”

Sheena rolled her eyes. They’d gone over the details a total of ten times now and nothing had ever changed. “Would you calm down? You’re driving me insane with this wedding shit, Yvette. Enough is enough.”

“How could you say that to me? This is a very big day for me. The least you could do is be happy for me.”
Sheena had grown tired of Yvette’s me, me, me attitude.

“Shit, I’m happy for you but damn. Give it a rest. Everything is done.”

“So, are you meeting me or not?”

“Hell no, I’m going home. I’ve had a long day and you never change anything on that damn list. And why in the hell are you still walking around with a list? It’s too late to change anything even if you wanted to.” She signaled to exit the highway.

Yvette rolled her eyes. “Fine, I guess I’ll see you tonight at my bachelorette party.”

“I’ll see you then.”

Sheena parked in her garage and ended her call. She walked into her town home and turned her lights on. She viewed the many missed calls her sister left on her home phone and shook her head. Yvette was just as bad as those women on the Bridezilla show, only Sheena wasn’t as patient as the maid of honors and bridesmaids.

Sheena walked into her bathroom to take a shower and get herself all dolled up for her night of excitement. She dressed in her short red strapless dress and red high heel stilettos. Sheena grabbed her red clutch and put her make up on. She stood in front of her tall mirror before walking out of her town home to show these old maids how to party. Sheena sprayed her London Burberry perfume on and walked out to her car. She was in no rush. She just wanted to take her time. She had no reason to be in a hurry because she had a feeling the women would get into one of many of their cat fights and ruin the night anyways.

When she arrived at her sister’s large house she took a deep breath and walked into the pit of fire.

“Hey everyone,” she said.

“Sheena Williamson, where you been?”

“Minding my business,” she said and continued her pace down the hall to join the other women.

“Hey sis,” Yvette yelled.

“Why in the hell do you have on that big ass tiara?” Sheena knew Yvette would take things too far.

“Because this is my day and I have to do something to remind you bitches of that.”

“Oh, so we’re bitches now since you have your little man.”

“Here we go with the short jokes,” Yvette replied.

“You’re going to leave my man alone, Candy. You’re just jealous.”

“What exactly do you have for me to be jealous of,” Candy asked.

“Because if he liked it then he should’ve put a ring on it,” Yvette sang out loud.

“You have become a prissy bitch since you got that ring.” Candy rolled her eyes. “But, I have just the thing to get your mind off that little man of yours.” She clapped her hands.

Two muscular men dipped in chocolate walked in wearing matching red spandex outfits with red masks.

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