Wednesday, February 24, 2010

When a Tattered Past Catches you...excerpt

Willa parked at the large hotel and took a deep breath before exiting the car to go up to Damon’s suite. As Willa walked through the busy lounge her long toned legs always turned heads. She smiled as she stepped onto the glass elevator to reach her destination.
Willa knocked on the door and when Damon appeared her heart began to race.
Damon took purse Willa’s as he escorted Willa to take a seat. He was always the gentleman. “I appreciate you coming by.”
“Thank you Damon, so where do you want to start?” Willa said as she crossed her legs and placed her hands onto her lap shaking her right leg nervously.
“I don’t want to beat around the bush. I want to put everything out on the table. You know what I want. I want to be with you. I need to know what you want to do. Tell me what’s in your heart and I’ll have no choice but to respect your decision.”
Willa placed her hand on Damon’s knee and said, “Damon, you know I love you and that will never change. We have been through so much together but my life has taken me into a direction where I can’t commit myself to anyone right now.”
“I feel like you’re making excuses but you say you love me. Just give me a chance. I’m sure I can make you happy.”
“I’m not making excuses but how about this? How about we take it slow and get to know each other again. We’ve been apart for so long now.”
“I can accept that, come here.”
“Damon I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Willa always turned into a lady around Damon. She spoke and felt like a woman whenever she was with him.
Damon kissed Willa’s neck and caressed her thighs and said, “I need you Willa. When I saw you at the store my heart skipped a beat. I knew then how much I still loved you.” Damon continued to rub Willa’s exposed legs and proceeded to kiss her full lips.
Willa’s weakened to Damon’s familiar touch. “Baby, I love you. I’m just scared.” Willa moaned as a single tear rolled down her cheek as she returned his butterfly kisses.
“You don’t have to be scared. I want you in my life. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to be by your side.”
Damon reached up Willa’s dress to remove her red lace thongs. Willa moaned as she allowed Damon to continue to remove her red and white wrap dress. Damon took Willa’s hand as he led her to his king size bed.
Willa stretched across the large oak bed with her legs spread wide apart and said, “Promise me you’re not playing games with me Damon. I couldn’t handle that.”
Damon removed his white t-shirt and gray athletic pants. He joined his shivering lover and began licking Willa’s neck making a trail down her stomach to bury his face between her trembling legs. “I promise,” He assured her.
Willa moaned in passion and took control. She climbed on top of her beau and grinded to push him in as deep as she could. “Baby you still feel like you were made for me!” Willa became wetter as she rubbed her clitoris and licked Damon’s chest.
“I was made for you.” Damon grew harder as he watched his exotic lover lick the spots that drove him wild.
Willa moaned as she passionately rode her lover. “You’re so hard baby.”
Charged with passion Damon turned Willa over to stroke her from behind. “You’re just as I remembered you.”
“Harder Damon, don’t stop.” Willa screamed as she held onto the edge of the mattress and continued to match each thrust of her lover.
Damon stroked harder and longer. “Damn Willa.” Damon said as he gasped for air. He bit Willa’s back and pulled on her long locks.
Willa turned onto her back and placed her legs over her lover’s shoulders. She moved her hips to match Damon’s rhythm in a circular motion. “Yes, right there, don’t stop! Don’t stop! Please don’t stop!” Willa panted as she cupped and licked her plump size thirty two Double D breast.
Damon pounded harder in each stroke. He could never stop from exploding when Willa let go and did all the freaky things he liked. He felt as if he were a voyeur when he could stoke Willa and watch her play with her clit and squeeze her beautiful brown breast.
After hours of sweating and love making Willa and Damon connected eyes as they simultaneously reached their moment of climax. Sharing a passionate kiss Willa held Damon in her arms as tight as she could. “Baby, I missed you so much.” Damon said as he lay on top of his panting partner.
Willa slowly opened the creaking door. She tip toed through the dark living room after her long night of sexual escapades with Damon. “Hello Willa. Who are you hiding from?” Donya said as she turned on the gold table lamp.
“Obviously you and when did you become the night shift guard?”
Donya followed Willa through the house. “So, how did it go? Judging by the early morning hours you had a great time. Tell me about it.”
“Well, Miss Nosey if you must know Damon and I had a great time. We talked and that’s all. Nothing happened.”
“So you didn’t, you know?”
“I didn’t what? What are you referring too?”
“Do you really want me to say it?”
“Hell no, there’s nothing to tell.”
Donya prepared to retreat to her room and turned the lights off. “Oh, but I think there’s a lot to tell me because your dress is on inside out. Goodnight Willa, and if Mr. Damon knows how to do his job. I’m sure you’ll sleep well.” Donya laughed at her sister’s inability to be incognito in love but so great at it in her other ventures.
Willa looked down at her dress and whispered, “Well, I’ll be dammed.”

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